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Anxiety Treatment

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Anxiety is a general term for a group of disorders that cause an individual to feel fear, nervousness, and excessive worrying. These disorders can significantly affect how a person feels and behaves, as well as cause physical symptoms. For those with anxiety, symptoms can be so severe that they have a serious impact on the individual’s ability to function on a daily basis. Some individuals with anxiety may suffer from panic attacks that strike out of nowhere, while others may have uncontrollable, intrusive thoughts. No matter which anxiety disorder an individual has, they are all going to share the characteristic of persistent, severe fear in situations where most people would not feel threatened.

Ten Lakes Center is an acute geriatric psychiatric unit whose goal is to provide patients with the highest quality of care in the safest and most comfortable environment possible. We recognize how debilitating anxiety disorders can be and how helpless they can make a person feel. At Ten Lakes we have years of experience helping individuals and their families work through this difficult time and providing them with the tools needed to better manage their anxiety. You do not have to continue to struggle; the compassionate staff at Ten Lakes can help you take back control of your life.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for anxiety at Ten Lakes Center in Dennison, OH

In addition to excessive worry and fear, anxiety can cause an individual to have trouble concentrating, be constantly irritable, or leave him or her constantly anticipating the worst. If your worries, fears, or anxiety attacks are causing extreme distress in your daily routine, then it may be time to seek professional help. If left untreated, the symptoms of anxiety may not go away on their own and could actually get worse over time. Additionally, anxiety disorders can do more than make you worry, they can lead to, or worsen, other mental health and physical health conditions.

An inpatient treatment clinic may be one of the most beneficial ways for you or your loved one to get treatment for an anxiety disorder. Inpatient clinics can provide you with a variety of treatment methods that allow you to identify and challenge negative thinking patterns and irrational beliefs that fuel your anxiety. Additionally, an inpatient clinic provides individuals with the opportunity to confront their fears in a safe environment and completely focus on getting their anxiety under control.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a loved one struggling with anxiety find treatment

As a family member, it can be hard to watch as your loved one constantly battles the debilitating symptoms of anxiety. It can also be difficult to be a support system for them as you may not always know what to do, especially if you do not have a true understanding of anxiety. Here are some suggestions as to how to offer your loved one positive support:

  • Do not tell them to simply relax or not to worry because this will likely only increase their anxiety
  • Take the time to learn about anxiety disorders
  • Encourage them to seek treatment
  • Tell them how much you care for them and are there to support them
  • Avoid being judgmental

While there are many things you can do to help and support your loved one, it is important that you make sure to take care of yourself as well and avoid becoming too stressed. Recognize that you have limitations. It can also be helpful to set up a support network with other family members who can help you with the responsibilities of caring for your loved one.

Our Philosophy

Ten Lakes Center philosophy and benefits

At Ten Lakes Center, we approach each patient with the understanding that every individual has unique life experiences and medical histories. We have a caring and compassionate staff that is committed to understanding and meeting the long and short-term needs of each one of the patients we serve. We work with families, primary care physicians, and long-term care facilities to best understand the needs of each patient. The treatment team works together to provide a clinically sophisticated, safe, and supportive environment. We know that inpatient hospitalization is only a small part of recovery, but by working with all stakeholders we can ensure that our patients are getting the most appropriate care after they are stabilized and discharged from Ten Lakes.

Types of Treatment

Types of anxiety treatment offered at Ten Lakes Center in Dennison, OH

When you arrive at Ten Lakes Center, you will be greeted by one of our intake specialists who will walk you through a thorough assessment, which will help us identify your individual needs. Once the evaluation is complete, the results will be reviewed by our intake staff and a doctor who will then determine if our inpatient care is going to best address your specific needs. Our interdisciplinary team meets weekly to determine each patient’s individualized needs and to develop a specialized treatment plan for each patient. Some of the therapeutic methods you may participate in include the following:

Medication management: Patients who have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety are most likely going to be placed on medication to help them manage their symptoms until they learn better coping skills. Additional medication may be used to treat the symptoms of other co-occurring disorders that may exist. All patients will be seen by a physician on a daily basis, and a psychiatrist comes to see each patient weekly to ensure that all medication is effectively working.

Group therapy is the main treatment approach here at Ten Lakes and multiple groups are held throughout the day on various topics. Some of the group topics may include stress management, anger management, mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relationships.

Individual therapy is held on an as needed basis depending upon each patient’s specific needs. Individual sessions can be used to address any presenting issues or to give the patient time to refocus.

Family therapy: Family members of loved ones who are receiving treatment at Ten Lakes are regularly included in the treatment process and are encouraged to attend the treatment meetings, which are held three times a week. Additionally, family members are provided with education about their loved one’s disorder and are provided with services that help ensure continued care when their loved one leaves Ten Lakes. Visiting hours are held every day, twice a day, between the hours of 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm and again from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Recreational therapy: Every patient at Ten Lakes participates in some form of exercise at least five times a week. Some additional options we have includes art and music appreciation, arts and crafts, and reminiscing.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for anxiety

Discharge planning starts at the moment a patient is admitted to Ten Lakes Center. Most of the patients that come to us are referred back to the facility that referred them to us. However, in some cases, patients are not able to return to their facility of origin or need to be placed in an extended care facility for the first time. Our social services department will work with families and guardians to determine the most appropriate placement and services for the patient after discharge.

In addition to our inpatient care, Ten Lakes Center operates The Wellness Center, which is a partial hospitalization program (PHP) in New Philadelphia, Ohio. This program is for adults 18 and older and is held Monday through Friday from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm. Those who attend our PHP will engage in three education groups and two process groups on a daily basis. Additional services include individual therapy as needed, medication management, monthly psychiatrist visits, and family therapy as needed. All patients in our partial hospitalization program will be provided with a daily lunch and transportation is provided each day for patients who are located within a 30-mile radius.

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