Professional Referrals

Ten Lakes Center provides leading treatment for men and women suffering with addictions, trauma, mood and co-occurring disorders. When you choose one of our programs, our entire team works with you to assure you will receive the best possible care and treatment.

The Intake Process

Ten Lakes Center is able to admit patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of the time the admission process begins with a call from the referring agency. When you call Ten Lakes you will speak with one of our intake nurses who will ask you a series of questions in order to get a better understanding of your current situation and will then ask you to send the following information to the hospital for review:

  • Reason for admission
  • Patient fact sheet
  • Medications
  • Most recent labs
  • Last 48 hours of nurses notes
  • Most recent height and weight
  • Preferred language
  • Information on patients current housing arrangement
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Power of attorney or guardian consent (when applicable)

Once all information is received, our intake staff and doctor will determine if the patient meets admission criteria and the referring agency will be notified. While some patients need to be cleared through the ER, but most can be directly admitted to Ten Lakes Center.

Each patient will be reviewed on an individual basis, but very specific criteria needs to be met in order for the patient to be admitted into an inpatient psychiatric facility.

  • Patient must be in imminent physical danger to themselves
  • Patient is a danger to others
  • Due to mental illness the patient is unable to provide for their basic physical needs such as eating or bathing
  • Due to mental illness the patient is a grave and imminent risk to substantial rights of themselves or others

Serving the Entire Eastern Ohio Region

Our main treatment center in Dennison is within Trinity Twin City Critical Access Hospital (which is complete with a newly renovated emergency department and a 25 bed medical care unit). This location serves residents of the entire Eastern Ohio region and even some Western Pennsylvania residents. Call one of our Admissions counselors today for a free, confidential screening to see how Ten Lakes Center can help you down the path of recovery.

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